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Council of Chiefs

Chief Michael Maquinna Chief Danny Savey
Chief Ben Jack Sr. Chief Norman George
Chief Patrick James Chief Larry Andrews

MMFN Band Office 

 Name  Title Email Address
Michael McGee Administrator
Wendy He Chief Financial Officer
Michelle Frame Finance Clerk
Natasha Amos Council of Chiefs Assistant
Tracy Amos Administrative Assistant
Rose Jack Health & Family Services Manager
Raven Michael Social Assistance Manager
Arlene Andrews Patient Travel & Membership Clerk
Jeannine Dick Recreation & Events Coordinator
Wayne Lord Public Works Manager
Roberta Savey Housing Manager
Wayne Hinchcliffe Housing Maintenance
Duane Hanson Lands Manager
Nathan George Fisheries Coordinator
Yvonne Murphy Reception
Marie Lavoie Education Coordinator
Carlene Jack Daycare Manager
Carol Sine Preschool Teacher
Roz Latvala Adult Education
Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation
100 Ouwatin Road, Tsaxana, BC
PO Box 459, Gold River, BC V0P 1G0
Phone: 250-283-2015
Fax: 250-283-2335