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Council of Chiefs

Chief Michael Maquinna Chief Danny Savey
Chief Ben Jack Sr. Chief Norman George
Chief Patrick James Chief Larry Andrews

MMFN Band Office 

   Name  Title Email Address
1 Michael McGee Administrator
2 Wendy He Chief Financial Officer
3 Michelle Frame Finance Clerk
4 Francine Savey Council of Chiefs Assistant
5 Tracy Amos Administrative Assistant
6 Rose Jack Social Development/Family Care/Community Health
7 Raven Michael Social Development Clerk
8 Arlene Andrews Patient Travel & Membership Clerk
9 Jeannine Dick Events/Recreation Coordinator
10 D.Michelle James WOP Recreation Worker N/A
11 Evelyn Savey Home Care Worker N/A
12 Jennifer Andrew Home Care Worker N/A
13 Wayne Lord Operation & Maintenance Manager
14 William Howard Sr. Maintenance Worker N/A
15 Roberta Savey Housing Coordinator
16 Wayne Hinchcliffe Housing Worker
17 Jamie James Fisheries Coordinator
18 Eliza Johnson  Admin & HOU Janitorial N/A
19 Yvonne Murphy Reception
20 Marie Lavoie Education Coordinator
21 Shirley Johnson Gym/Daycare/Preschool/Adult Ed Janitorial N/A
22 D.Carlene Jack Daycare Supervisor
23 Jaylene Johnson Preschool Teacher N/A
24 Francis Jack Daycare Supervisor N/A
25 Janelle Jack Preschool Worker N/A
26 Adrienne Jack Daycare Supervisor N/A
27 Roz Latvala North Island College
Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation
100 Ouwatin Road, Tsaxana, BC
PO Box 459, Gold River, BC V0P 1G0
Phone: 250-283-2015
Fax: 250-283-2335